For this reason, we invite every Urban kitchen customer to undertake a 'Lifestyle Questionnaire' to evaluate and identify your unique needs. As part of this, we'll also arrange a visit to your home to see your existing kitchen and please don't tidy it up before we do! We need to see if the family leaves its car keys on work-surfaces, if kitchen roll and post compete with toasters and coffee percolators to add even more clutter.

Armed with this unique insight into your lifestyle, our award winning design team will then create your dream kitchen that will provide 'a place for everything and everything in its place'. Working with you every step of the way for a solutions led answers, the result will be a kitchen that exceeds your expectations both visually and from a performance point of view.
No less important that the kitchen is the bathroom. Your very own oasis of tranquility where you can unwind, relax and paper your body after a hard day at work or energise it each morning. So whether you dream of a deep Jacuzzi to end the day or a bracing multi-jet high performance shower to kick start it, Urban Interior will make your dream a rality. As well as designing a bathroom that works on a function level, we'll ensure it ticks all the aesthetic boxes too, presenting you with a range of ceramic and glass tiles in a myriad of colours to embody your personality.

Finally, we recognise that adding a new kitchen or bathroom to your house is an expensive outlay. For this reason, at Urban Interior, we like to ensure it's an investment too. By working with the world's leading and most aspirational brands, the kitchen or bathroom you buy will add real value as well as lasting pleasure to your home.